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About us


     Bill Roberts

    - Account Manager





Bill has a unique position within the Quattro team.  He has experienced life from both sides of iSeries, as an end user and as a provider.

He joined Quattro in late 2005 after cutting his teeth on two iSeries data centres, a total of 18 servers.  In this capacity he was responsible for providing technical support to 3,500 system users.

Bill had over 13 years AS400/iseries experience prior to that so with his wealth of hands on knowledge using and managing key systems, he was the obvious choice when we were looking for to look after the best interests of our clients.

Bill has experience of AS/400 / iSeries as well as system development in RPG and Cobol.  He has also been involved in a number of hardware installations / upgrades, system operations, technical and project management as well as sales technical support. capacity planning, high availability, performance tuning, backup / recovery, training and development.  Bill is ITIL certified.

Bill is quick to point out that there is more to him than geek - although he is fluent when required!

He has followed F1 to most of its European circuits, gained a blue belt in Taekwondo, raced his mountain bike against 1200 others and drove his own rally car.  If that we not enough he has been a navigator too, winning the 1600cc British Clubman Championship.

Bill is also a keen Badger conservationist and as such has become an expert in Britain's most distinctive mammal.  This all goes to show that there is definitely more to Bill than geek.