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Westwood School Uganda Appeal

  • Thursday 1st September 2011

A huge thanks must be paid to all the businesses and private individuals who have kindly sponsored the Westwood School in their attempts to raise funds for a water harvesting station in Uganda.



These children are from one of two schools twinned with Westwood.  They have to walk a mile with empty water carriers, fill them and then walk back again.  Each carrier holds 20 litres of water.

You can imagine that with 800 children the schools require a lot of water!  It is like an endless stream of chidren fetching and carrying the most basic of provisions.


It is humbling to see the children doing this, without complaint and with a smile on their faces.




Westwood School sent two ambassadors and it is true to say that Molly Goddard (pictured left) and Sean Harvey, had life changing experiences.

The two of them are determined that the schools get their own water harvesting stations after seeing the life the children lead in Kempala at first hand.  



Molly and Sean were also accompanied on their trip by Sky Blue Sam.

Their mascot can be seen here (on the left) being cuddled by some of the local children and (on the right) visiting a water harvesting station used in Mengo Slum by a hospital.


Quattro have added their support to the appeal, contact us today if you would like to help the children raise this vital money or visit:





Westwood School Uganda Appeal 1

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