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As well as Services and Consulting, Quattro are able to offer Systems, Software, Security Features and Unique System Monitoring tools for iSeries and other Enterprise Servers.

Consultancy is a core part of our business and whilst it is not a tangiable product as such, it forms a foundation for our unique approach.  

The consultative aspects of our business are bespoke to you and are as comprehensive or ad hoc as you require.

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Consultancy - Overview

At Quattro Consulting we pride ourselves on producing the most cost effective solutions, making use of existing hardware where possible and only recommending products we believe will add real value to a business.

Whether you are upgrading an existing server or require a new machine we will deliver the right package, whilst maintaining a keen eye on the budget at all times.

In terms of software, applications and other system requirements we only recommend products from our portfolio of hand picked business partners, where we know that their excellence matches our own aspiration.

Full details of our product offerings are below:

More Than Just Hardware And Software Solutions | i, Blades And Storage | 2nd User Hardware | Rental Machines

Our portfolio of software is very extensive and moves in line with the demands of you, our customers and of course, with the very latest commercial developments.

IBM Software Overview | Making The Right Choice


If you move data between servers and databases, PDAs, smart phones, programs & browsers you should already know this is an unsecure method and one that, if compromised, could be at a great cost to you and your business.  It is also a slow process that produces no audit trail.

RouteOne from our partner Uti400 changes all of that.  It provides a fast, efficient and safe way to transfer date, which can add real benefit to you and your business.


RouteOne Overview | RouteOne Features and Benefits | RouteOne Brochure Download

If you are responsible for the smooth running of your AS/400 then you know that occasionally things go wrong, jobs abend, lines crash, queues stick, programs loop, interfaces fail and messages get missed.  As long as you spot the problem in time things can be done.

Unfortunately you can't be there all the time. You can't check every critical item.  Your operators are only human and they can miss things, get distracted or forget to check statuses and then what?

If it's a small mistake, you may get a complaint but if it is a big mistake then the consequences could be much more severe.

SysChecker has been developed by Quattro, the people with the background and experience to appreciate your AS/400 environment.  It can check all your critical functions 24 hours a day and notify you as soon as one deviates from your specified criteria.

SysChecker does not simply wait for the system to issue messages; it actively monitors and reports problems when it detects them.

SysChecker Overview | SysChecker Server Monitoring | SysChecker Customer Feedback



Crossroads SPHiNX is a virtual tape appliance for IBM Power Systems (iSeries, AS/400) that decreases the operational costs for backups.

SPHiNX provides a holistic data protection solution saving, time, money and resource. It offers complete disaster recovery capabilities for mid range server, open systems and desktops and easily scales to grow with you and your business.



SPHiNX Overview | SPHiNX Key Features and Benefits


ShowMe is an iSeries data interrogation and business intelligence product enabling real time data to be displayed on the desktop or via a web browser program.

Sophisticated enquiry or report information may be viewed either on the Intranet or Internet or by using 5250 Display Emulation (green on black).

Enquiries may be linked into existing applications without any modifications.


ShowMe Overview | ShowMe Features and Benefits


iRoute selectively extracts and transfers data from various PC formats.

The data source may be located anywhere on the network or an FTP site and transferred to the iSeries to create, append, replace or update file(s), other PC formats and/or FTP sites and network locations.


iRoute Overview | iRoute Features and Benefits | iRoute Brochure Download | iRoute YouTube Demonstration Video

http://www.quattroconsulting.co.uk/img/logo-maxava.pngQuattro now offers the Maxava High Availability Suite.

Whether you work for a large corporation or run a home based bsuiness Quattro can provide the right Maxava solution for you.

Maxava Overview