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IBM Software

Our portfolio of software is very extensive and moves in line with the demands of you, our customers and of course, with the very latest commercial developments.

  • IBM Software Overview

    The portfolio of IBM Software is extensive.

    Whether you are looking at Web Query - a fully functional Business Intelligence tool for the iSeries platform or any of the other solutions in the IBM Software range, you can talk to one of our experts who will help you identify the best product to the needs within your business.

    Call us now to discuss your needs or send us an email.


  • Making The Right Choice

    It is all about matching your requirements with the right softawre.

    At Quattro we put you in the driving seat.  

    By evaluating the software you already have and comparing it with what you actually requireit to do, we can determine if you can make better use of the software at your disposal and provide a solution it has the capability to provide or we will recommend alternative software solution(s) that will deliver to your expectation and need.