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Product Offerings

At Quattro Consulting we pride ourselves on producing the most cost effective solutions, making use of existing hardware where possible and only recommending products we believe will add real value to a business.

Whether you are upgrading an existing server or require a new machine we will deliver the right package, whilst maintaining a keen eye on the budget at all times.

In terms of software, applications and other system requirements we only recommend products from our portfolio of hand picked business partners, where we know that their excellence matches our own aspiration.

Full details of our product offerings are below:

  • More Than Just Hardware And Software Solutions

    http://www.quattroconsulting.co.uk/img/ibm_as400_servers_iseries.jpgNot only do we pride ourselves in ensuring you take advantage of the most cost effective hardware solution for you and your business but we also review the merits of various Power Edition servers.

    Some have restrictions, which although reduce the initial purchase price, may make them unsuitable for you in the longer term.

    Our services range from just supplying the hardware through to a complete turnkey migration service depending on your requirements.

    As part of the hardware supply Quattro also provide IBM hardware and software maintenance for a complete solution. We understand that a "one size fits all" approach very rarely applies, which is why we offer a number of options for your consideration.


  • i, Blades And Storage

    Quattro have always been leading specialists in the iSeries platform under its many guises; AS/400, Advanced System, iSeries, system i, i5/OS and now Power systems running the i operating system.

    This means that we are uniquely placed to compare running the operating system on traditional rack mounted servers with running on power blades.

    We are more than happy to discuss the advantages of the iSeries over blade based servers, which can have hidden complexities and costs and that are not always ideal for every iSeries users.


  • 2nd User Hardware

    Sometimes a quick fix is required to address a performance or capacity problem or to cater for an unexpected increase in workload.

    This often occurs at the least opportune times and when the budget is not available for a more permanent solution. In this instance we can supply 2nd user hardware from IBM itself or through our long term partners in used hardware.

    For example, a lack of memory quickly becomes a major bottleneck due to the iSeries' unique single level storage concept and a second hand upgrade is a very cost effective option.


  • Rental Machines

    Through our contacts in the industry, we are able to supply any machine on a rental basis, for any reason or period.

    It may be that you wish to undergo a Disaster Recovery test, evaluate new software or a version of the operating system, system stress testing and / or a short term development project and wish it to be done outside of your existing machines.

    Apart from renting complete systems we can also provide racks of disks, memory, processor or any other feature on long or short term rental.

    This provides great assistance by knowing exactly what the benefits are of a given upgrade before committing to the purchase. One example of this is the evaluation of a newer tape drive to see exactly how much more quickly the nightly backups can be completed.