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If you move data between servers and databases, PDAs, smart phones, programs & browsers you should already know this is an unsecure method and one that, if compromised, could be at a great cost to you and your business.  It is also a slow process that produces no audit trail.

RouteOne from our partner Uti400 changes all of that.  It provides a fast, efficient and safe way to transfer date, which can add real benefit to you and your business.


  • RouteOne Overview

    RouteOne provides a fast, efficient and seamless method of transferring data to Windows, UNIX or another iSeries.

    We believe that RouteOne from our partner UTi400 is the fastest product available for transferring data from the iSeries.

    To extract and transfer data, the user simply defines the data to be extracted either from database files or spool files and provides the details of where the data is to be sent, what output format is required and any additional processing options required such as email. Once created the request can be scheduled or included as a menu option to run interactively or in batch.

    Take a look at the RouteOne features and benefits to find out more or contact a member of the Quattro team and ask how RouteOne can make a difference to you and your business.


  • RouteOne Features and Benefits

    What are the key features and benefits of RouteOne?


    By automating repitive and time consuming tasks, valuable resources can be released to work on other projects, whilst at the same time improving security.


    The technological architecture that RouteOne employs is the fastest and most robust means of transferring data from IBM i.  Independant benchmarks have identified and average perfromance improvement of up to 500%.


    Requests may be run in a number of different ways; from the RouteOne menu, incorporated as a command into CL programs, using ShowMe, our BI offering or within an automated workflow and/or schedule including ProActive.


    RouteOne can provide a significant cost saving, reducing development, stationery, printing, postage and labour costs.


    RouteOne provides detailed logging information so that it can be effectively monitored and controlled.


    All data can be transferred using secure technologies to prevent unauthorised access.


    RouteOne provides an extensive feature set that satisfies the majority of data manipulation, conversion and extraction requirements.


    No programming skills are required but its rich funtionality still enable experienced users to perform sophisticated calculations and operations.


    RouteOne requests may be configured to run at any time via a job scheduler or can be triggered by events such as the creation of spool files or through workflow automation tools.


    Data can be extracted from a number of sources including database files, spool files and query output.  These sources can be linked to extract more meaningful information pertinent to the report/form to be generated.


    Electronic forms can be generated from both the database and the spool files.

    A spool file may be split to create a number of individual documents based on a specific, pre-defined criteria.  The relevant data is extracted and optionally, additional information may be obtained from other sources.

    Each document may be transformed using a pre-formatted template (MS Word) and/or printed, emailed or faxed to the recipient(s).


    Depending on your rules, different action may be performed.

    Your Rules

    RouteOne has been designed with a powerful rules based engine, which means taht you can configure rules that will determine, when, where and which data should be transferred.


    Delivery of data is intelligent with rules dictating how the data is transformed and distributed.


    Data can be pivoted and filtered within the engine before SQL/XML/CSV/XLS population.


    To download a PDF of the RouteOne product brochure please click HERE

  • RouteOne Brochure Download

    To download a PDF of the RouteOne brochure click HERE