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ShowMe is an iSeries data interrogation and business intelligence product enabling real time data to be displayed on the desktop or via a web browser program.

Sophisticated enquiry or report information may be viewed either on the Intranet or Internet or by using 5250 Display Emulation (green on black).

Enquiries may be linked into existing applications without any modifications.


  • ShowMe Overview

    Business intelligence and portal delivery for real time browser-based information analysis without licensing boundries.

    ShowMe enables the presentation of clean, standardised and real-time information from your IBM i databse(s) to allow better decision making.

    This allows you to:

    Predict future outcomes through intelligent linkage of data.

    Deploy anywhere and anytime using non-restrictive licensing.

    Visualise kepy performance indicators.

    Create role/user based dashboards for instanr access to key metrics.

    Deploy secure data portals for customers and suppliers.

  • ShowMe Features and Benefits

    ShowMe allows for multi dimension data cubes to be built on  the iSeries with "dice and slice" capabilities.

    All the necessary enquiries are automatically generated to facilitate the interrogation of the data.

    Dashboard and portal design are flexible.  ShowMe includes a sophisticated drag and drop web page designer.  Hyperlinks to existing web pages can be included and the user can stipulate whether drill down options are text, image, buttons or data field selection.

    Put simply, it gives the ability to have the information you need, when you need it, where you need it and how you want to visualise it.

    To see a short video demonstration of a live ShowMe web portal using real time data from IBMi click HERE (opens in new window).  The web portal works on mobile devices such as iPad as well as your work pc/laptop.

    The key features of ShowMe include:


    Role Based

    Get to the data you want to see, when you want to see it.  ShowMe provides role and user based dashboards for immediate access to the information you need.  Dashboards can be customised to suit individual, departmental or role requirements.

    Your Design

    No programming required - design your own dashboards using our browser based and simple to use design studio application.  Drag and drop what you need into your dashbaord including tables, charts, guages and graphs and determine how you would like to drill down to  various levels of information from the start point and the appertaining security privileges.


    View the data your way.  View it dynamically through your browser and transfer dynamically to Excel with the press of a button.  Summarise data to include total, average, minimum or maximum values.

    Turbo Cube

    ShowMe uses turbo cube technology, a UTi400 development that harnesses the power of IBM i OS.

    The technology means that cube rebuilding is a thing of the past.

    Turbo cube refreshes the cube with new and updated data automatically, which significantly reduces the load on the server plus eliminates the build time, therefore allowing you to view the information live.

    Slice & Dice

    Multi dimensional data cubes are bullt on the IBM i with slice and dice capabilities.  Definitions are populated with data directly from the IBM i database, the data cube or a mix of both.  Its your data so it is your choice.


    Unlike tradional business intelligence solutions, ShowMe provides you with a single Enterprise licence.

    This technology, which we will call DataDeployer, allows you to deploy your business intelligence dashboards and business/client portals to who you want, when they want and how they want to see it.


    One DataDeployer license per server is all that is required for your business intelligence needs.

    Critically, this removes the barriers associated with "per user" licensing allowing ShowMe to grow without user limitations.

    As your needs for real-time business intelligence and analytics grow, so will ShowMe.