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Crossroads SPHiNX is a virtual tape appliance for IBM Power Systems (iSeries, AS/400) that decreases the operational costs for backups.

SPHiNX provides a holistic data protection solution saving, time, money and resource. It offers complete disaster recovery capabilities for mid range server, open systems and desktops and easily scales to grow with you and your business.



  • SPHiNX Overview

    Crossroads ® SPHiNX is a dedicated virtual tape appliance, delivering optimized data protection and resiliency while dramatically decreasing the operational costs of maintaining a backup and recovery solution.

    With SPHiNX, storage administrators can improve performance and storage capacity while leveraging existing investments in disk and tape backup infrastructures.

  • SPHiNX Key Features and Benefits

    The key features and benefits of SPHiNX include:


    Dedicated Appliance

    A purpose built appliance dedicated to provide data protection SPHiNX is capable of backing up and restoring data many times faster than traditional tape libraries with no physical tape to handle, mount or rewind.

    Providing near immediate access to stored data, SPHiNX drastically reduces recovery time.


    Seamless Integration

    SPHiNX supports estalished backup applications with no disruption to current backup policies and processes.  

    Existing tape devices and libraries can be attached to the back of SPHiNX without supplemental software on the host server.

    Data can be written to attached pysical tape drives at full streaming rate, maximising capacity, utilisation and physical assets.


    Flexible Tape Management

    Management of virtual tape operation is provided via a web based graphic user interface (GUI).

    SPHiNX can be remotely be managed by any standard browser.


    Built-in Data Reduction

    Data reduction, up to 12:1, allows virtual cartidges and data files to be automatically compressed as they are written to disk.

    Optionally, data reduction can be disabled ensuring data integrity for legal compliance.


    Extensible and Scalable

    SPHiNX is an aplliance dedicated to providing virtual tape protection, affordable platforms and flexible network connectivity.

    SPHiNX scales well with support for virtual tape sizing, virtual drives and an unlimited number of virtual cartridges.

    Additional capacity is supported using any mainstream SAS- or FC-connected disk array.


    Data Replication - Eliminating Tap Handling, Empower Disaster Recovery

    SPHiNX provides the ability to replicate backups remotely by synchronising data copies over the WAN between a local SPHiNX and one or more remote SPHiNX systems.

    Replication can reduce offsite storage or eliminate tape handling altogether while enabling immediate access of data.


    WAN Acceleration - Maximise End-to-end Data Transfers Between Sites (Option)

    SPHiNX provides WAN acceleration options to maximise end-to-end data transfers, ensuring scalability, network efficiency, security and bandwidth control when replicating between SPHiNX systems.


    Data Encryption (Option)

    SPHiNX provides a complete data encryption by using a strong AES-256 encryption and a robust key management infrastructure to satisfy regulatory compliance and security policies regarding security of data at rest on disk as it is on written to physical tape.


    Clustering Option - Share Data Among Multiple SPHiNX Systems

    SPHiNX supports an option that allows multiple SPHiNX servers the ability to access a set of pools and virtual tapes on a single shared file system.

    SPHiNX clustering optin supports active-passive fail-over functionality for virtual tape drives and virtual tape libraries; so that if a server becomes unavailable other servers can be configured to still access the vaults and any stored virtual tape libraries.