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If you are responsible for the smooth running of your AS/400 then you know that occasionally things go wrong, jobs abend, lines crash, queues stick, programs loop, interfaces fail and messages get missed.  As long as you spot the problem in time things can be done.

Unfortunately you can't be there all the time. You can't check every critical item.  Your operators are only human and they can miss things, get distracted or forget to check statuses and then what?

If it's a small mistake, you may get a complaint but if it is a big mistake then the consequences could be much more severe.

SysChecker has been developed by Quattro, the people with the background and experience to appreciate your AS/400 environment.  It can check all your critical functions 24 hours a day and notify you as soon as one deviates from your specified criteria.

SysChecker does not simply wait for the system to issue messages; it actively monitors and reports problems when it detects them.

  • SysChecker Overview

    SysChecker does not simply pass/filter messages like all other automation products, it proactively checks all aspects of the system.

    Put simply; most large iSeries sites have a large number of checks, normally tick lists running to 3 or 4 pages that operators have to perform on a regular basis.

    These may onclude critical lines, controllers, devices are on-line, certain jobs and subsytems are active as well as many other operational or political reasons that have to be done due to past problems.

    This means that 99% of the time operatos are actually checking things are perfectly okay, there is nothing to stop a problem occurring 30 seconds later that won't get spotted until the next check is done.  This could be too late to have a mjor impact on a business.

    SysChecker has been designed to be extremely easy to use, whether you are iSeries literate or not as it can react and correct a problem when it is identified by SysChecker.  operators will know that if SysChecker identifies a problem it must be critical or require investigation.


  • SysChecker Server Monitoring

    SysChecker proactively checks the status of the following components on your system:

    Other machines and IP connected devices

    Used Id's

    Jobs, Subsystems and Jobq's


    Line Descriptions

    Output Queues

    Distribution Queues

    Files for number of records

    CPU threshold

    Device descriptions

    DASD usage

    Data area contents

    Device descriptions

    Library attributes

    Port activity


    Printers, writers

    Network files

    and many more


  • SysChecker Customer Feedback

    We know that SysChecker works and can add real benefit to you but don't just take our word for it.

    Below is some of the feedback we have recently had from businesses like yours:

    "Nonetheless, SysChecker has been a major help to me as I can leave the system to run itself and abandon the daily checks I would have otherwise done. It's alerted me on several occasions when a job has fallen over, and a couple of times when job queues have become fuller than usual. When things ‘calm down' I am sure I will look for more checks that I can add".

    "SysChecker paid for itself by trapping this one error".

    "SysChecker alerted us a rogue job eating up disk space and so avoided a system outage".

    To find out more about SysChecker contact us today.