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Cost Saving Resource

It has always been the Quattro philosophy to provide you with the right skills and support at the right time for you and your business.  Our experience shows us that all too often a company pays high contractor rates without fully utilising the time they have paid for.

With Quattro, you decide how much of our time you require and crucially when it will add the most value to you and your business.  This means that you can purchase highly skilled and professional hours from our team of experts and only pay for the time they are actually working for you.

The cost savings to you are made from a number of areas without compromising on the knowledge and experience you would expect from a leader in its field.

Examples of this include: quattro-hitsquad-cost-saving-resource.jpg

  • Negating the need for a full time employee when the skills are only sporadically required
  • Having help on larger projects when the in-house team needs support
  • Providing holiday, sickness or maternity cover
  • Using us for support while you are recruiting
  • Employing our "hit squad" when there is an emergency and you need our help fast
  • Needing help to solve ongoing problems.

This approach means that you are able to buy a number of hours/days in advance but you choose when, where and how you use them.

We call this iSist, a flexible support contract that can be used for any of the Quattro range of services.

Click on the iSist link below to find out more.

  • iSist


    iSist was introduced in response to existing clients asking for a more flexible, helpful and knowledgeable approach to delivering technical services/support.

    All of our packages allow users, regardless of their own knowledge, to contact us to find out the answer to "how do I..................?" or to obtain more detailed information about planning, implementation, applications or upgrades.

    Our flexible approach provides a one stop solution.  You will not have to speak to numerous layers of support staff to find a resolution, once your call or email is logged, a skilled consultant will "own" the enquiry from start to completion.

    You can choose whether you enter into a long term partnership with us or involve us in specific projects or periods of time when you need support.  You can even test our skills prior to commencing a longer term contract.  For those people who feel they will need to call on our expertise more frequently we always recommend a longer term contract as it allows for easier budgeting.

    We regard ourselves as your high skilled but flexible support team.

    We will work with you and for you in the way that best suits your needs with the adaptability to change as and when it is required.

    It is all about getting the balance right, which comes back to the philosophy we maintain; providing you with the right skills and support at the right time for you and your business. 

    Where possible we will even try to ensure that you receive the support of the same Quattro consultant every time you need us as we find this consistent approach helps your own staff and ours also.  Why not contact us today to find out more?