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Cold calling is fast becoming an old fashioned business model; it is labour intensive and often provides a low yield.  There is however, a real need for businesses to follow up advertising campaigns and mailings but often a lack of manpower and/or skill to do this.

As a small business ourselves, we appreciate the time, effort and cost that goes into a marketing campaign.  We also understand how you need value for money from every action you take.  Many companies undertake good work in terms of the marketing material they send to potential and existing customers but then undo much of that good work by failing to follow up.

This could be down to a number of reasons such as lack of confidence on the phone, knowing what to say, being prepared for the responses you may get and the fear of rejection are to name but a few.

We understand that an integral part of many a marketing campaign is a robust telesales strategy.  We also appreciate that telesales requires a unique set of skills, training and attitude that many businesses lack within their existing team. 

However it is also our belief that telesales is not just about a selling phone call, it is also a great opportunity to keep in touch with your customers, build relations with them, keep them informed and find out more about them.   We recommend keeping in touch with your customers on a much more regular basis, so that when the time comes to make a selling call, the relationship is in place, the call is not an unexpected one and therefore the call is not a cold one.

So what can Quattro offer you and your business?

  • Prospect and Opportunity

    quattro-prospect-and-opportunity.jpgWe offer small, tailored packages that enable you to use our telesales team as if it is your own. 

    This may be for a specific campaign or time period or it may be to enable regular contact with your customers in order to build a picture of what they want from you and your company.

    It may be that you feel you have people in your business to do this but some help in coaching them to become more successful in this role would be beneficial.

    Our ultimate aim is to help your marketing campaign succeed, whether that be by promoting your business for you a few days a month, a week, a quarter or maybe a 4 week blitz or by helping your staff to achieve success themselves either in a group or a one on one basis with one off and / or follow up sessions. 

    All this can be done with Quattro thus eliminating the need to subscribe to expensive agency costs where quantity of calls often out ranks quality.

    Under normal circumstances, we do not use a sales script as we feel they can impede the natural flow of conversation, we have all received calls like that and very rarely do you buy something as a result.  Your customers are no different.

    The Quattro formula has been developed over the last 12 years and is based on direct experience of selling for and to IT Consultancies, Transport Companies, Manufacturing Technologies, Publishers, Exhibition Organisers and Video Screen Advertising Companies to name but a few.  It is our opinion that few products or services cannot be sold using the telephone including capital goods and plant - even complex services.  It is, however essential that the sales people are properly trained, motivated and monitored.

    A unique set of skills are required along with the right environment to work in and an aptitude towards getting the right balance between talking and listening.  This may sound simple enough but in practice it is rarely the case, which is why we are confident we can make a difference to you and your business.

    To find out how or to learn more contact us today.