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Quattro offer a unique set of I.T skills, resources and solution capability based around the IBM iSeries as well as a wider range of Business IT needs.  


It has always been the Quattro philosophy to provide you with the right skills and support at the right time for you and your business.  Our experience shows us that all too often a company pays high contractor rates without fully utilising the time they have paid for.

With Quattro, you decide how much of our time you require and crucially when it will add the most value to you and your business.  This means that you can purchase highly skilled and professional hours from our team of experts and only pay for the time they are actually working for you.

The cost savings to you are made from a number of areas without compromising on the knowledge and experience you would expect from a leader in its field.

Examples of this include: quattro-hitsquad-cost-saving-resource.jpg

  • Negating the need for a full time employee when the skills are only sporadically required
  • Having help on larger projects when the in-house team needs support
  • Providing holiday, sickness or maternity cover
  • Using us for support while you are recruiting
  • Employing our "hit squad" when there is an emergency and you need our help fast
  • Needing help to solve ongoing problems.

This approach means that you are able to buy a number of hours/days in advance but you choose when, where and how you use them.

We call this iSist, a flexible support contract that can be used for any of the Quattro range of services.

Click on the iSist link below to find out more.


quaatro-bespoke-business-solutions.jpgWith over one hundred years worth of combined IT experience available from the members of the Quattro team from Mainframes to PC's, DOS to Windows and Visual Basic to Excel; Quattro have helped with and implemented a vast array of solutions for large and small businesses.

Our approach is to qualify your situation, then design and implement solutions that match your infrastructure and budget.

We do not sell applications but are experts at creating interfaces, modifying current applications/databases or helping to migrate from one application/system/process to another.

Client feedback suggests to us that businesses tire of sales calls telling them about the savings they could make by buying the latest technology or software? 

We try to make the best of what you already have. 

We liken ourselves to being the glue that helps bind things together; but what does that actually mean?

Well, we can provide the missing link between project planner and expectant users.  In most projects there is a need for someone who gets stuck in and makes the ideas work, someone that can convert the timescales into physical implementations, migrations or installations.  At Quattro we have a hand picked team of "someone's" who do just that.

We always bear in mind that it is your plan.  Our job is to make it happen and to ensure it continues to be the right solution long term. 

We do not sell ERP or similar applications, we can offer impartial advice on elements such as product selection, hardware/network implications and total ownership costs.

As infrastructure specialists we can also advise and implement solutions to deliver the application from servers (real or virtual) to network, appropriate security, backup and resilience.

The remit for what we do is set by you, which means we can be as in depth as you want us to be but don't just take our word for it; look at the case studies to see Quattro in action.

Case Study 1 - Hoyer UK Limited | Case Study 2 - West One Bathrooms


With a wealth of iSeries technical experience we are in a position to help with any area concerned with the technical aspects of AS/400, iSeries, System i and IBM Power.

As an IBM Business Partner we pride ourselves in offering independent and uncompromised advice whether that be in relation to security, high availability, disaster recovery and / or change control.

It is worth looking briefly at each of these to highlight the expertise you can expect from Quattro but for a more detailed consultation please contact us on 07071 700 400 or send an email to imformation@quattroconsulting.co.uk

Security, High Availability, Disaster Recovery and Change Control


Cold calling is fast becoming an old fashioned business model; it is labour intensive and often provides a low yield.  There is however, a real need for businesses to follow up advertising campaigns and mailings but often a lack of manpower and/or skill to do this.

As a small business ourselves, we appreciate the time, effort and cost that goes into a marketing campaign.  We also understand how you need value for money from every action you take.  Many companies undertake good work in terms of the marketing material they send to potential and existing customers but then undo much of that good work by failing to follow up.

This could be down to a number of reasons such as lack of confidence on the phone, knowing what to say, being prepared for the responses you may get and the fear of rejection are to name but a few.

We understand that an integral part of many a marketing campaign is a robust telesales strategy.  We also appreciate that telesales requires a unique set of skills, training and attitude that many businesses lack within their existing team. 

However it is also our belief that telesales is not just about a selling phone call, it is also a great opportunity to keep in touch with your customers, build relations with them, keep them informed and find out more about them.   We recommend keeping in touch with your customers on a much more regular basis, so that when the time comes to make a selling call, the relationship is in place, the call is not an unexpected one and therefore the call is not a cold one.

So what can Quattro offer you and your business?

Prospect and Opportunity