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Consultancy is a core part of our business and whilst it is not a tangiable product as such, it forms a foundation for our unique approach.  

The consultative aspects of our business are bespoke to you and are as comprehensive or ad hoc as you require.

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  • Consultancy - Overview

    The consultancy we offer comes in many guises and of course, is driven by your needs.

    This can include:

    Training & Developing
    Resource Appraisal
    System Support
    Product Assessment
    Solution Strategies
    Long Term Planning
    Helpdesk Provision
    Temporary Staff Cover

    All of the above form strands of our consultancy expertise, there are more.

    We are an IBM Business Partner but we do not fit the more common profile of being tied to a software vendor. Our consultative approach means we offer impartial advice and evaluation.

    Almost uniquely, our sales team does not strive towards hardware or software targets, which means that our proposals truly provide the best solution to you, our customer.

    Add in Quattro's renowned flexibility and positive attitude and you get the best of us to help get the best out of you.

    Further information about our approach and our consultative approach can be found in the services section of our website.

    Featured below is a hand picked selection of the products we can make available to you, for more information about one or more of these, our consultative approach or to enquire about bespoke solutions please contact us.