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Bespoke Business Solutions

quaatro-bespoke-business-solutions.jpgWith over one hundred years worth of combined IT experience available from the members of the Quattro team from Mainframes to PC's, DOS to Windows and Visual Basic to Excel; Quattro have helped with and implemented a vast array of solutions for large and small businesses.

Our approach is to qualify your situation, then design and implement solutions that match your infrastructure and budget.

We do not sell applications but are experts at creating interfaces, modifying current applications/databases or helping to migrate from one application/system/process to another.

Client feedback suggests to us that businesses tire of sales calls telling them about the savings they could make by buying the latest technology or software? 

We try to make the best of what you already have. 

We liken ourselves to being the glue that helps bind things together; but what does that actually mean?

Well, we can provide the missing link between project planner and expectant users.  In most projects there is a need for someone who gets stuck in and makes the ideas work, someone that can convert the timescales into physical implementations, migrations or installations.  At Quattro we have a hand picked team of "someone's" who do just that.

We always bear in mind that it is your plan.  Our job is to make it happen and to ensure it continues to be the right solution long term. 

We do not sell ERP or similar applications, we can offer impartial advice on elements such as product selection, hardware/network implications and total ownership costs.

As infrastructure specialists we can also advise and implement solutions to deliver the application from servers (real or virtual) to network, appropriate security, backup and resilience.

The remit for what we do is set by you, which means we can be as in depth as you want us to be but don't just take our word for it; look at the case studies to see Quattro in action.

  • Case Study 1 - Hoyer UK Limited


    Hoyer UK Limited, one of the UK's largest Petrol haulage companies, needed a way of calculating drivers wages based on complex rules regarding shift patterns, hours worked and types of deliveries etc.

    The rules were specific to the company, which meant there wasn't an off the shelf package that could purchased.

    Within a couple of weeks, Quattro had a system designed and implemented.  It saved the business time and money but crucially it was based on software they already had!  There was no requirement for an expensive new package.

    The new system made the payroll clerk's role easier.  The wages were much more accurate and consistent.  It became immediately obvious from the new reporting that the company had been incorrectly paying overtime. 

    Almost £10,000 a year was saved by this alone, not including the time and effort saving made by implementing this system.

    Consider this; how much money could we save your business by providing a solution based on existing equipment / software?

  • Case Study 2 - West One Bathrooms

    quattrohelpingyoumakethemostoftheequipmentyoualreadyownWest One Bathrooms are a family owned bathroom parts retailer who wanted to set up a concession in a well known London store but only had a few weeks to perform the roll out. 

    They wanted to be able to scan stock as it was sold and record the item, salesperson and customer delivery details for each order, then produce reports on various aspects of those sales. 

    The Managing Director had already purchased a bar code printer and scanner but did not have the expertise to get the details from their accounts package onto the labels.  He had, however, drawn a very good diagram of how things should 'fit together'.

    Taking the diagram; we put a process in place within days using the PC and software they already had. 

    In the first month West One was the most successful concession in the store and the automated scanning/recording at the till greatly enhanced the service and buying experience of their customers.

    Now this technology has been introduced the company have realised additional cost and time savings by using it to perform stock checks with direct links to Microsoft Excel and their Opera accounts system. 

    Steve Farrington, M.D. of WestOne Bathrooms said "Quattro helped us rapidly deploy a very specific solution, based around our current infrastructure and programs rather then recommend costly packages".